Obey the Artist (PG13)

Asia Premiere


Street artist, graphic designer and activist Shepard Fairey became widely known during the 2008 US presidential election for his Barack Obama Hope poster. As it watches Fairey bring a twelve-foot mural to life, the film also traces his early punk rock days of rigging copy machines to the high points of his thriving, independent business that harnesses the power of technology.

Part of a 3-short compilation titled Designing Art.

  • Director Ondi Timoner
  • Subject Graffiti, Street Art
  • Language English
  • Runtime 17 mins

“...Fairey is perhaps the most recognizable--even celebrated--graffiti artist in the country.”
The Atlantic

“If you don’t know Shepard Fairey, you know Shepard Fairey.”

Shepard Fairey - Obama’s Favourite Painter
ES Magazine