Microtopia (PG)

Asia Premiere


Many of us live as a mobile, tech-equipped society in an increasingly dense world. Against this milieu wrought with discontent, Microtopia offers possible solutions by way of entering into the homes and worlds of architects, artists and problem- solvers who have invented new ways of living. The alternative to this modern phenomenon may be in micro dwellings, downsized habitats and lifestyles that go off the grid.

  • Director Jesper Wachtmeister
  • Subject Architecture, Social Design, Urban Design
  • Language English
  • Runtime 55 mins

“I Jesper Wachtmeisters dokumentär "Microtopia" berättar människor hur de tagit compact living till en helt ny nivå. Det är ett litet mirakel att så mycket hinns med på femtiofem minuter.”

“Microtopia is Mega-Good”
Four Lights

“The film is a provocative look at the global trends of micro-housing, downsizing, and living off-grid.”