Hakusho: The Story of Rice (G)

World Premiere


Originally created for 'KOME: The Art of Rice' exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight, Hakusho: The Story of Rice is a four-part documentary that takes the humble staple food as its central subject matter. From the wet fields of a rice farmer in Chiba to the white winter of Ishikawa where a community welcomes Tano Kami (the deity of rice harvest), the film offers rare glimpses into a cultural landscape that has arisen from the life-giving grain.

This will be the first time that the film is presented in its entirety.

Director, Yu Yamanaka will attend the Festival Opening to introduce the film, followed by a Q&A session after.

Video letter from Yu Yamanaka

  • Director Yu Yamanaka
  • Subject Food Design, Japan Culture
  • Language Japanese (Eng Sub)
  • Runtime 45 mins

“... one needs to take time to see the documentary Hakusho by Yu Yamanaka, deploying stories of people and their personal encounters with the rice culture.”

“The general tone is elegiac, capturing and celebrating a culture that has developed over the millennia...”
The Japan Times

“The most interesting works are those that help to recreate this sense of a vital annual cycle, such as Yu Yamanaka’s four-part documentary, Hakusho.”