Art and Craft (PG13)

Asia Premiere


Whether it is with a Matisse or a Picasso, art forger Mark Landis has duped the best of curators with his precise imitations of art masterpieces. Interestingly, the talented Landis never asks for money, but only donates his counterfeits to American art museums. Art And Craft starts out as a cat-and-mouse art caper, seeking answers to questions on authorship and authenticity; what develops is an intimate tale about human obsession and the universal need for community, appreciation, and purpose.

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  • Director Jennifer Grausman, Mark Becker, Sam Cullman
  • Subject Intellectual Property, Fine Art, Museums
  • Language English
  • Runtime 89 mins

Prolific Forger Gets an Exhibition with His Name Attached
The New York Times

“... Art and Craft is supremely enjoyable not only because it triumphs as a documentary, but because its theme seems so far from reality.”
The Arts Guild

“Deeply eccentric subject makes for an engaging art-doc.”
The Hollywood Reporter